Driven by the two Beings inside me.

Not really sure which one to follow…

The First, covered with gold, holding pleasure in one hand, and poison in the other.

The Second, covered with dirt, naked, holding beauty in one hand, and loneliness in the other.

Each of these Beings had convincing arguments.

But my heart ponders and contemplates…

My mind eager to choose…

As I stare, both of them quiet now..

I ask them, which one of you will be a home for my heart, which one will bring me rest?

The First, reaches in his pocket and takes out a diamond, beautiful and fragile.

My heart leaps for her and her beauty.

I take the diamond from his hand, and as I look into her I see my reflection.

I set the diamond gently on the table.

I raise my eyes to the Second, his eyes weary, with bags underneath, brushing his fingers through his beard and thinking.

He raises his hand to the sky, a white dove lands on his finger.

He stares back down on me , the dove flying from his hand to mine, He smiles, not saying a word.

With his silent gesture, a calm breeze of relief passes through me.

I pick up the diamond from the table with my left hand, as I held the dove in my right.

Both beings stare back politely, both with one voice, “Now it is you who carries the burden of choice.”


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